GCF is motivated to assist and provide most efficient investment solution for everyone investment. GCF is an investment corporation with client focus and global perspective as priority. GCF shapes itself in how to manage the business to take account of economic, social and environmental risks and opportunities to deliver value for the customers, people and communities.

A good investor knows where the key is to invest in foreign exchange. The key is not the level of the difference, but the trading platform provided by the FX economy, the accuracy of information, the knowledge and experience of the rich and professional.GCF can provide the key elements of the top level, so it is favoured by excellent investors.

Registered in 2013 as Genesis Investments Corporation Limited, GCF started as an investment firm focused on forex trading. We have since transformed into Genesis Capital Group Corporation (GCF) (创世集团), a company focused on global asset management and providing investors with a diversified portfolio that span over a multitude of industries.

GCF sustainability framework distinguishes between 2 priority areas of the sustainability that distinctive to GCF and this assist in operate areas so that they can operate in a sustainable, responsible and ethical way.

At GCF client can be assured in their investment GCF support the regulation of the retail trading industry and try to protect the interests of their client, and strive to meet and even exceed the requirements of the regulatory agency.

GCF had managed to make it till date all thank to the client believe in GCF global branding. With so much faith and believe in GCF, GCF will strive and evolved to be much greater company than before.


GCF integrating social and environmental consideration into the business decision, products and services to help the customers in achieving their ambitions and deliver long term value for all stakeholders. GCF creates opportunities for all customers and ensures sustainable growth for individuals businesses and industry. GCF focuses in building strong customer relationships and connects with the communities, thus supporting a diverse and inclusive society in which everyone can participate. GCF earn trust by keeping pace with the changing expectations of the customer, maintaining high standards of conduct and understanding the social and environmental impacts of the business decisions.


GCF creates the most diverse and inclusive workforce of any major bank in the region and help to innovate, identifies new markets, connect with customers and make better, more informed decision for the business. GCF believe in the inherent strength of a vibrant, diverse and inclusive workforce where the backgrounds perspectives and life experiences of the people help to forge strong connection with the customers, to innovate and make a better decision for the business.
Choosing the best out of the best and does not accept failure. With a group of elites GCF always believe, “Work hard and strike for excellent