Joseph Adams
Joseph AdamsCEO
Mr. Adams is an American entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. Mr. Adams and his two partners founded GCF in 2013. Under his leadership, the company grew into investment management, risk management and retail customers. A global leader in consulting services. Today, the company is trusted to manage more funds than any other investment company in the UK.

Mr. Adams is a CEO with great ideas. He successfully turned his vision into gold, implemented good ideas, and turned them into high-profit industry-led businesses. Creating entrepreneurial, efficient global teams grew up in stimulating guidance Internship, training and support.

Mary A Larsen
Mary A LarsenGreen Project Director
Ms Mary A Larsen is responsible for guiding, planning and managing the Genesis Environmental Management and Supplier Diversity Strategy initiatives.

Ms Mary A Larsen’s achievements include working with Burkina Faso and French architects to submit proposals to the Clinton Global Initiative to support a sustainable housing reconstruction project in Burkina Faso following catastrophic flooding in the central and southern regions after that.

Use the UNEP report on buildings and climate change, policy instruments and the Kyoto Protocol flexible mechanism to outline the strategy document Buildings and Climate Change: Summary for Policymakers.

Coordinate the establishment of an international team of experts to review web-based policy tool selection tools.

Represented UNEP with senior officials from Bangkok, Geneva and Beijing on a daily teleconference to coordinate UNEP’s emergency response to the 2008 disaster in China and Myanmar.

Mr O’Connor Henvick
Mr O’Connor HenvickChief Risk Officer
Mr O’Connor Henvick joined GCF in 2015.

He is responsible for company-wide risk management processes and controls, managing compliance and governance, and enhancing the company’s risk profile for the GCF Risk Oversight Committee Chair.

He will reach GCF through ERM Enterprise Risk Management
1) Improve organizational effectiveness,
2) Improve the efficiency of risk reporting,
3) Improve the performance of investment business.

Mr O’Connor Henvick Earlier in his career, he spent 9 years as an investment risk leader at LPL and 18 years at Barclays Bank Risk and Compliance, including the Global Chief Compliance Officer for Wealth Management, and Deputy General Counsel.

Mr O’Connor Henvick received his JD from the University of Michigan and a BA in English from the University of Oregon.

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